Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cross Pollination - even at minus 30c

It has been really cold here the last few days - minus 30c and then a windchill taking it down another 10-15c. Seriously, there is absolutely no need for this it all. In fact, with some of our buddies vacationing in Belize right now, we are considering that as a retirement location - just think, long, hot, sunny days, photo shoots on the beach. It certainly is tempting.

So, what to do when the weather is so cold?  Well, try a bit of cross pollination of course! To start with I have a pattern that I have made up once or twice (McCalls 6168):

And a newcomer to the fold (Simplicty 1668) that I have made up once:

I love the longer length, drape and sleeves of McCalls 6168, and the lapels and shorter length of Simplicity 1668,  Ladies and gentlemen . . . . . I give you McPlicity 68:

Shorter length and with sleeves:

Fancy a close up?

And look at this scarf that I found . .

You can see the sleeves better here:

Annnd, to finish off the insides (although I used matching serger thread) I added some lace to hide the serged seam that could show through when the jacket swings open:

I am really pleased with this - I do like a collar at the back of my neck as I am developing quite the dowager hump, and a collar helps to disguise it somewhat.  I also prefer the fitted sleeves . . . even though I am fan of the '80's (bite me!!) and I love dolman sleeves and dropped shoulders.  I also think that this length is more suited to summer cardis, and this is a great cotton knit - I think it is a double knit (looks like a knitted stitch on both front and back), and it is a great medium type of weight.  I do have some lighter tissue weight cottons and wool mixes, but I will wait until I get a coverstitch machine (planning later this month!) to make those up.

In fact, I am so pleased with this . . . . . I have cut out two more, one in lilac and one in a pale blue.  Hey, you knew I would!!

So, how about you?  What are your favorite hybrids?


  1. Beautiful.... The combination of the 2 patterns, was a brilliant idea.. Love the color of your cardi too...
    Hope your weather improves soon.. We are having ice and snow tonight.. so tired of it..ha

  2. Ohhhhhh, I love the lace treatment. Stay warm!

  3. I really love the shape of this. It's flattering I think! and the lace is a great idea for hiding the serged seams. I do make combinations of patterns occasionally but have yet to hit on a really successful combination.

  4. Lovely combination of the two patterns, The pink is so pretty and the lace too.

  5. Love the new sweater. It is a keeper pattern.
    Hope it warms up soon. We are coming out of a cold spell but not as cold as Alberta and farther east. it has been a cold winter and for us that has been cooler temps and cold wind.

  6. Very creative--and great results! The color is beautiful on you...and I have scarf envy ;)


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