Monday, April 1, 2013

Three Out of Four 'Aint Bad

I really don't enjoy sewing for others.  I would like to enjoy it more, but really I don't.  I think it has something to do with other people having their own opinions and wanting their vision and not mine.  However, when I see someone having a problem that can easily be fixed with some stitching, well, I just can't keep quiet.  And so it came about that I started this weekend with four ties that were an embarrassingly 10cm wide (hello 1970's!!)

Pretty colors though!

And have you seen what goes on on the back of ties - all those fabulous co-ordinating fabrics.  Gorgeous!


And layers.  Let me tell you about the layers - there was the outer silk, a thicker, shaped, bias cut, woven interfacing (wool I think), and a silk-organza partial lining.  Phew!

Anyway, this isn't a blog about menswear . . . . . . so after following a number of links this is the result!

 Some very respectable 7cm wide ties.  Much more 'in' I think you will agree!

And I managed to keep the makers' label to use as the tie stays/keepers - to stop the two ends flapping around willy-nilly . . . .

 Not bad eh?!

'Hold on a sec', I hear you shout - 'what happened to the green number?'  Well, unfortunately I got a little scissor happy, cut it too narrowly and it now resides in that great fabric shop in the sky.  I don't think the owner will notice, do you?!

All in all, it was a quickish sewing job.  Probably about one hour per tie.  Measuring, trimming and hand-sewing.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out!

How about you - do you like sewing for others?


  1. I only like sewing for others as a gift. Deadlines and expectations take all the fun out of sewing, at least for me.
    The ties look great. As for the green one, there has to be a learning curve...

    1. Oh yes, deadlines and expectations - I hear you!

      I think that I am going to plead ignorance with the green tie. What green tie? See, that was easy!!!

    2. LOL! Pleading ignorance is perfect!

  2. Your tie makeovers look great and 3 out 4 now wearable ties is pretty good. I often sew for othes and usually enjoy it as long as I make sure I also sew items for myself.

  3. Hi, I just joined as a follower - I think you are in the sew your won wardrobe for a year challenge, so hello.

    Love the ties, great job fixing. But to answer your question,do I like sewing for others? A big NO. I hate the unrealistic expectations, that because you can sew its a simple little whizz up for you, I hate sewing under pressure, and I also don't have enough time to sew for myself. Of course, sometimes I do things for my husband, but he really respects my "me" sewing time.

  4. Lovely job on the ties. They look perfect. And I didn't see the green one either.

    I sew for others and it is a PITA at times. Fit in particular. I can get what they want but fitting over the miles is very hard. I am getting out of it due to that.

  5. Yes to deadlines, expectations...and not having a body available to fit! The Selfish Seamstress is oh so right.....

    1. Forgot to add that your ties are a lovely success! I love refashioning ties...for myself, of course ;)


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