Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loving a Plan!

First of all, big thanks for all the comments on my last post about fitting a shift dress.  I have made the suggested alterations - removed the excess fabric under the arms, 'nipped' in the waist at the side seams, taken 4" off the hem and 'sliced' up the front to remove excess fabric.  The fit is muuuuuch better (just need hubby to take some more pics to show you!), but I am not quite ready to commit this to my wool/silk fabric herringbone for the Oscar de la Renta dress.  I think that there are some more adjustments to be made, and then I have to get used to the actual fit.  It is a lot more snug than my usual clothes, and it takes some getting used to!  In the meantime . . . . I have been planning . . . . . !

I have planned a small 6 piece collection - 2 skirts, 2 tops and 2 jacket/cardigans.  Here are my fabrics and patterns:

This fabric is a lovely grey suiting with a faint chevron weave.  The aqua lining is from my Mum's collection and I think it will be a lovely finish to this skirt - one of those linings that makes you smile whenever you see it!

Next up is some red suiting with a touch of lycra.  I will use the Vogue jacket in this red, and some black crepe to make a shortened version of the 'v' necked cardigan from Simplicity.

My second skirt will be made from this herrigbone (rayon from - this time the skirt is a short (for me) 'A' line, with a white lining.

And finally, two Sorbettos - I know, how many is too many?  Who knows?  But I will be making one in a solid black poplin and the other in a solid lilac poplin (99cents/m from Fabric Mart) - both colors have a touch of lycra making these tops very comfy!

On the whole - pretty staid fabrics (for me) but they are much needed in my wardrobe of patterned fabrics!!

To finish, I wanted to share the alteration that I use on skirts with a drapey fabric - replacing the vent with a godet/fishtail.

This skirt had a slim vent at the bottom which I was not very keen to have in my skirt, so I extended the hem in a smooth upwards curve.  This length/width is arbitrary.  In this case I made use of the tissue paper on the pattern layout that was spare in between two pattern pieces (to avoid adding additional tissue paper).  Just make sure that the diagonal line from the centre back to the tip of the godet/fishtail (A) is the same as the length from the centre back where the godet/fishtail starts to the bottom of the hem (B).  If line 'A' is longer, then the godet/fishtail will hang lower than the rest of the hem - which may be something that you would like!

So there you have it - a cute little fashion detail that adds a bit of 'flip' to your hem!

And whilst I am sewing up these lovelies, I can plan what I am going to sew with this lovely little bundle that arrived from Vogue Fabrics . . . . . from the left is some wool crepe, patterned cotton jersey, and lastly a cute ruffle fabric:

How about you? How is your sewing shaping up?!


  1. There is just no stopping you! You are a clothes making machine. I need to get my studio unpacked so I can start on some jeans.

    1. Our house was listed for sale this week and as we have no viewings this weekend I thought I'd get ahead and cut out a few garments that can be sewn in short bursts!

      Hope you get unpacked soon so that you can share some more gorgeous garments!

  2. Do you ever take a breath??? You are definitely on a roll with the sewing, and no, two sorbetto's are not enough...J

  3. It is a smart move to have a plan. Yours look very promising :)

  4. You are on fire! Wow. Can't wait to see the red coat!

  5. this is going to be a very fun collection and I do think you should raise your skirts just a tiny bit - just under your knee maybe? Looking forward to seeing the new dress muslin. And I dread the day we put our house on the market - ugh!! g


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