Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Hound in Need

I was saddened to read about poor Giles, a lovely old greyhound that had been dumped by his owners in a terrible state - covered in fleas, anaemic, underweight.  Terrible. 

However, the greyhound community is very committed to looking after these lovely retired racers, and as a result, this page has been set up on Facebook - it is an auction to raise money for Giles's treatment.

My contribution is to offer a 'snood' or three, as modelled by the lovely Hobbes (above).  The pattern was designed by Erssie Major and she donates all the proceeds of the sales of the pattern to her local greyhound agency in the UK.

So drop by, take a look at Hobbes, and maybe put a little bid in on something that catches your eye!!

Get well soon Giles xx

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